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Should I Buy Insurance Online or Offline?

13th June 2022 8min read 178 views

When you start planning your finances, you understand the importance of getting general insurance policies. Most individuals opt for two-wheeler, car and health insurance plans from general insurance companies. Deciding to buy general insurance is easy. Choosing whether to complete the purchase online or offline is where most people falter. Let’s look at how both processes compare.

Should You Buy a General Insurance Policy Offline or Online?

Let’s compare the differences.

Online general insurance refers to a policy that you can purchase virtually through a mobile phone application or website.

An offline insurance policy requires you to buy a plan from a physical store through general insurance brokers.

You can purchase an online general insurance policy within a few moments from the comfort of your home or while you’re on the go. You have to fill up an online application, upload a few documents and make the payment. The entire process takes less than 10 minutes.

Conversely, getting general insurance offline could take a lot more time. You have to complete a physical application and submit copies of your paperwork to the insurance agent or broker.

When you choose to buy your general insurance cover online, you deal with the company directly. You can see all their costs at charges at the outset and view the policy documents with a few easy clicks.

The offline process isn’t as transparent. You have to deal with general insurance brokers who may not always provide a clear picture of all the policy inclusions and exclusions.

Online insurance policies are less expensive than their offline counterparts. Since you deal with the  general insurance company directly, you don’t have to worry about the cost of a commission for your agent.

Offline general insurance plans come at a higher cost. The premium includes the agent’s commission and other fees to process the paperwork.

If you choose to get general insurance cover online, you can compare multiple plans quickly. You can weigh the benefits of one company’s policy over the drawbacks of another.

When you buy insurance online, it can be hard to get your hands on the paperwork for multiple policies. You cannot really compare the various policies on offer, so you might get a plan that doesn’t work for your unique needs.

Claim Settlement
When you get insurance online, you can enjoy a host of general insurance services at the tip of your fingers. You can file a claim request and even track its status by logging into your insurance company’s page. Since your claim request gets filed within minutes, you can expect a quick resolution of queries.

With offline policies, you have to fill up a hard copy of the claim request and phone the company to check the status. Since you rely on physical paperwork, the claims process can also take longer.

Every year, you must remember to renew your general insurance policies. You can complete your general insurance renewal online within 5 minutes. Visit your insurance company’s website, enter your policy details and pay the premium for the following year.

Renewing your general insurance policy offline is almost like purchasing a new plan. You must contact the agent, fill out the requisite paperwork and pay via cheque or demand draft. You then have to wait until you receive the physical copy of your policy to use it.

Choosing to purchase insurance online or offline is a personal choice. As India embraces digitisation, most individuals prefer the online process. If you’re ready to buy general insurance cover online, you should visit the Edelweiss General Insurance website. We offer quick purchases for our health, two-wheeler and four-wheeler policies. You can view all the policy documents on the website and make an informed choice.

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