Self Care Tips for monsoon

Self-Care Tips for the Monsoon

28th July 2021 8min read 306 views

After a sweltering summer, temperatures have started to dip, signalling the arrival of the monsoon season in India. The rain is a welcome sight for many as it brings lush greenery and the opportunity to cosy up with a great book. But, the monsoon is also known for causing more than a fair share of health issues. Of course, everybody makes a special effort to avoid street food and stay as dry and warm as possible, but that might not be enough. Here’s your complete guide to looking after yourself and your loved ones all through the monsoon:

Freshen Up Your Diet

Over the next few months, pay special attention to what you eat. Try and make healthier choices every day. Whenever possible, eat fresh and hot food for every meal. Avoid oily or greasy foods and boost your intake of vitamin C. Incorporate fresh fruits into your diet, but make sure you wash all your produce first. Add spices like ginger, turmeric and cinnamon to your food as they help boost your immunity.

Disinfect Your Water

No matter how much you try and avoid it, you might end up getting a little wet in the rain. When this happens, try and take a warm bath as quickly as possible. Make sure you add some disinfectant to your bath water to get rid of any bacteria or germs that might be present in the rainwater. Don’t forget to dry yourself properly after your bath.

Expel Moisture from Your Surroundings

During the monsoon season, the humidity rises, so there’s moisture everywhere. We can see the effect this moisture has on our books and furniture. But, we do not realise how it can affect our health. Try and reduce the level of humidity around you. You can easily do this by placing small packs of silica gel around your home. You can even use rock salt to help draw out moisture.

Get Enough Sleep

If you do not get enough rest, your body cannot deal with potential threats. Interrupted sleep cycles can lower your immunity making you prone to developing health issues during the monsoons. Make sure you get at least seven or eight hours of quality sleep every night. Remember, your body requires rest to rebuild and fortify itself.

Stick to Your Exercise Routine

Heavy rains and flooding could put a spoke in your regular exercise routine. So, it’s vital to find ways to work out at home. Try and start your day with a few yoga exercises and stretches. You can even try spot jogging and skipping as a cardio workout at home.

Make Sure You Have

Health Insurance

As much as we all try to stay safe and healthy, an accident or illness could leave us with hefty hospital bills. So, take five minutes out of your day and purchase a policy from one of the health insurance companies near you. A comprehensive health plan from one of the top
health insurance companies in India could help you deal with the cost of hospitalisation. If you already have a health policy, go through the details and make sure you renew it on time.

Over the last year, everybody has put a lot of emphasis on staying healthy. As the monsoons roll around, let’s renew our promise to prioritise our health.

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