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Make your investment plan a healthy one!

24th February 2022 8min read 243 views

We all have someone we know and trust to give us sound investment advice for the future: our friends, other personal contacts, financial advisors, websites, etc. Most would recommend that to achieve financial goals, you should save 6 months’ worth of expenses, then invest in a variety of assets, including fixed deposits, mutual funds, and equities. They almost always miss out on Health Insurance, which is so important!

Let us explain why no investment plan is complete without Health Insurance.

Medical inflation increases much faster than overall inflation. Plus, your health problems – and the costs associated with them - rise hugely  with age. Treatment that costs Rs 50,000 today might cost Rs 16 Lakhs or more 25 years from now. Many people around the world, and in India, lose their hard-earned savings, go bankrupt or take loans to pay for medical care.

A Health Policy should be looked as a saving, which will pay back big-time during medical emergencies. It should not be looked at as an expense. As we get older, and eventually retire, our active income will stop and health emergencies will start. Having health insurance helps you build  protection against this risk, and also protect your loved ones

You can also use Health Insurance for your financial planning, to get significant tax deductions. So, while ensuring that health costs don’t eat into your wealth, you also create another saving: tax!

Don’t forget, only once you include Health Insurance in your portfolio, can you say: “It’s a plan!”

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