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Fun Ways to Stay Hydrated

10th April 2020 8min read 264 views

As summer approaches, you’re bound to see a lot of information on the importance of staying hydrated. And while it’s true that drinking water during summer can help you fight heatstroke, muscle cramps and even urinary tract infections, it’s vital that you remember to stay hydrated irrespective of what the weather is like outside. This is especially important during the monsoon and winter when most people don’t feel thirsty and neglect their daily water intake. According to a study conducted by the WHO, just 2 litres or 8 glasses of water per day isn’t necessarily enough. Here’s a look at the average water intake for men and women of various age groups

1-3 years of age 1.3 litres per day
4-8 years of age 1.7 litres per day
9-13-year-old boys 2.4 litres per day
9-14-year-old girls 2.1 litres per day
14-18-year-old boys 3.3 litres per day
14-18-year-old girls 2.3 litres per day
Men above the age of 19 3.7 litres per day
Women above the age of 19 2.7 litres per day

Now that you know how much water you need to drink per day, let’s take a look at some interesting ways that you can keep yourself hydrated all through the year:

1. Track Your Water Intake

Thanks to the digital world we live in, we have a number of apps that we can help us keep track of our daily water intake. There are apps that will tell you how much water you need to drink per day based on your weight and lifestyle and will remind you to drink water at regular intervals. It may not seem like much, but it’s definitely a fun way for you to keep track of whether you’re getting the water you need every day or not.

2. Play With Flavour

There’s no denying the fact that water is tasteless and does nothing to excite your taste buds at all. If you really want to motivate yourself to drink enough water every day, try adding berries, lemon and cucumber slices, and mint to your water bottle for a delightfully refreshing taste. You could also experiment with adding spices like cinnamon and cardamom for a burst of flavour with every sip. Basil seeds soaked in water can also help reduce your body temperature, which makes it a great summer-time addition to your water. Coconut water, which is packed with electrolytes, is another great drink that can help keep your water content up.

3. Check Your Diet

Your diet could help contribute to your daily water content intake. You can start your day with a heart-healthy breakfast like oatmeal, which is incredibly hydrating as well. A bowl of oatmeal with berries on top could offer as much water content as a cucumber. Every time you’re aching for a snack, try and make it count towards your water quota for the day. Fruits like watermelon, apples, peaches and plums all have high water content and will go a long way in helping you stay hydrated. You could also add carrots, cucumbers and cabbage to your daily diet to up your water intake.

4. Cut Down Caffeine

While it’s true that the tea and coffee you drink does contribute to your daily water intake, it doesn’t negate the fact that caffeine also works as a diuretic and could end up leaving you feeling dehydrated. A cup a day is alright, but remember to drink as much water as possible to make up for any water you lose through the day. It’s also a good idea to try and avoid drinking alcohol. Even though alcohol can be refreshing and does contain some water content, it’s also incredibly dehydrating and will definitely do you more harm than good.

Staying healthy and hydrated isn’t always easy, but with these tips, you can definitely keep your water content up not just through summer, but all through the year.

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