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Essentials You Must Have in Your Emergency First Aid Kit

17th September 2021 8min read 358 views

An emergency can occur at any time. If you or a loved one gets injured and needs medical attention, you should be capable of administering basic first aid while waiting for medical support. But, you can only provide this aid if you have the right tools. Every individual must have a basic first aid kit at home and in their vehicles. Should you ever get caught in an unfortunate circumstance, you will have everything you need to help yourself or others until help arrives. If you don’t have an emergency first aid kit yet, you can easily make one at home. Here’s a look at the essentials you need to include:

Surgical Masks and Gloves

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, face masks have become an everyday essential. You should keep extra face masks in your first aid kit in case the one you have on gets dirty or wet for any reason. You should also keep a few pairs of gloves so that you can stay safe while treating others.

Distilled Water

A small bottle of distilled water can help clean wounds.


An antiseptic ointment can prevent the wound from getting infected. It’s especially useful in the case of minor injuries.

Cotton Swabs

You should keep cotton balls or cotton swabs in your first aid kit. You can use them to clean wounds.

Adhesive Bandages

You should have at least 25 adhesive bandages of various sizes in your first aid box. Ideally, look for waterproof bandages as they are especially helpful if you’re stuck in a flood or storm. The bandage will prevent your clothes or shoes from rubbing against the wound and agitating it.

Gauze Dressing and Adhesive Cloth Tape

These essentials will help when you are dealing with larger wounds that cannot be helped by regular adhesive bandages. The adhesive cloth tape will help keep your gauze dressing in place.

Crepe Bandages

You can quickly deal with sprains with a handy crepe bandage.

Scissors and Safety Pins

The scissors will allow you to cut off garments in case of burns or other major injuries. They also allow you to cut your gauze bandages and cloth tape. Safety pins can help you secure crepe bandages and garments.


Ideally, you should keep a non-mercury, non-glass thermometer in your first aid kit.

Pain Medication

Keep a strip of pain medicine and some pain-relieving gel or spray in your first aid kit. In some cases, you need to use one or the either. In others, you may need to use both. Make sure you do not use the gel or spray on any open wounds.


In case small pieces of wood get caught under your skin or in a shallow wound, you can use tweezers to remove them. Remember to use distilled water and antiseptic to thoroughly clean the wound afterwards.

Tablets for Nausea and Diarrhoea

These medicines can come to the rescue when you’re feeling under the weather and dehydrated. You should also keep oral rehydration supplements in your first aid box.

Eye Wash

In case you have something irritating your eye, you should keep an eyewash handy.


These tablets help you deal with fevers and infections, so it’s always good to have them in your first aid kit.

Prescription Medicines

You should also keep a strip of your prescription medicines in your first aid box.

Once you stock up your first aid box, you must check it every month. If any medicines have expired, replace them at the earliest. Every time you use an item from the first aid kit, make a note of it. You can replace it whenever you go to the medical store.

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