Mother’s Day with Health Insurance

Celebrating Mother’s Day with Health Insurance

7th May 2021 8min read 463 views

Mother’s Day is all about celebrating the strong, independent women in your life. Mothers don’t need to wait for their children or spouses to shower them with love and gifts. This year, we want you to celebrate yourself and your health. For Mother’s Day, we want you to secure your future and the future of your loved ones with health insurance. Here’s a look at every type of mother who needs a good health insurance policy to rely on:

The Mother-To-Be

You may not have children right now, but you might think about growing your family one day. If that’s the case, now is the perfect time to purchase a comprehensive health insurance plan for yourself. Most health policies have a waiting period of 4 years or more before they cover maternity costs. So, even if you aren't a mother just yet, it's crucial to get a good health policy.

The Young Mother

Joint families are no longer as commonplace as they used to be. Young mothers do not always have family members nearby who can help them look after their young child while they go out and work. Many young mothers put their careers on hold while bringing up toddlers. In a nuclear family, having two incomes is often crucial. As your family grows, you may decide to spend a little more time with your child. But, this could affect your savings in the long run. Should a medical emergency emerge for you, your spouse or your child, your finances could take a real beating. Having a health insurance policy will help you deal with the financial implications of medical emergencies with ease.

The Single Mother

Women are no longer dependent on men. Many young women opt to adopt children by themselves or leave situations that are not working for them. Single mothers have a lot of pressure to fulfil the role of both parents. They also have to earn enough money to keep their small family afloat. By purchasing a health insurance policy for yourself and your children, you can safeguard your finances. The policy will help you take care of all kinds of medical emergencies and expenses.

The Middle-Aged Super Mom

There are more and more women joining boardrooms today. And, they no longer have to choose between their careers and having a family. Several women in their 40s and 50s look after teenagers while rising to C-suite positions in the corporate world. At this time, your health may start to take a bit of a hit. You might also have to deal with issues like hypertension, poor heart health or even diabetes. Often, these chronic issues can cost a lot of money to treat. When you have a good health insurance policy, dealing with high medical costs is easy.

The Senior Citizen Mother

Many older women in our society do not have their finances or paperwork in order. If you have an older mom, ask if she has a health plan. If not, you can rectify the situation on Mother's Day! Add your mother to your existing health plan or buy her an individual health insurance policy. The policy will help her take care of herself and maintain her independence, so she doesn’t have to rely on her children any more.

This Mother’s Day, we want to help you change tradition. Instead of waiting for your family members to pamper you, you can take charge of your own life and gift yourself peace of mind. Get yourself a health insurance policy that will look after you, your mother and your children.

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