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Can I Get Health Insurance for My New Born?

2nd December 2022 8min read 163 views

Parents do everything possible to look after their children. Expecting parents look after their health, keep their doctors’ appointments and baby-proof their homes to ensure their little one remains safe and healthy. Most parents also look for health coverage for newborn babies to ensure they get the best possible care as soon as required. Many family health insurance plans have a minimum entry age of 90 days for babies. Let’s see whether you can get health coverage right from your baby's birth.

Can I Get Health Insurance for Newborn Babies?

Let’s look at the different ways you can get health insurance for newborn babies:

With Maternity Coverage

Before starting a family, most people check if their existing health policy offers maternity coverage. The coverage often has a waiting period of between nine months and six years. Maternity coverage helps take care of pregnancy-related and delivery costs, including the cost of Caesarean delivery. Additionally, most plans with maternity coverage offer help with the immediate post-natal care of your newborn. Many maternity plans provide newborn medical insurance for up to 90 days.

Insurance from Day 1

Few plans provide newborn insurance coverage right from birth. The Edelweiss Newborn Care Add-On is one such rare plan. You can purchase the add-on coverage when you purchase insurance for the first time or at renewal. There is no waiting period for this add-on, so you can rest assured that your little one gets the coverage they need right from the moment you welcome them into the world! You must purchase the add-on before your baby’s birth for them to enjoy the benefits. The add-on offers coverage for 90 days, meaning it covers your child from birth until they complete three months.

Insurance After 90 Days

Once your baby completes 90 days, you can add them to your family floater plan. You must inform your insurance company about the birth within the given period. Additionally, the company may ask for your baby's medical records before including them in your policy. Some insurance companies require an additional premium payment. If you do not have a family floater, you can purchase an individual plan for your baby once they complete three months.

Parents never want to think about their child requiring medical help, but opting for newborn health insurance is the smart choice. The easiest method to get your baby the coverage they need is by adding your newborn to your existing family floater insurance policy. If you do not have a family floater, you can purchase an individual policy for your little one.

You can ensure your little one enjoys uninterrupted coverage for several years by completing your insurance renewal on time every year. You can  renew health insurance policies online from the comfort of your home within a few minutes. Your insurance company may offer renewal benefits if you have enjoyed a claim-free year. Most insurance companies increase your sum insured amount for the following year at the same premium. As a parent, looking after your little one is your top priority. A health insurance plan helps shoulder this responsibility.

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