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7 Super Healthy Foods to Keep Your Mind and Body Strong

17th September 2021 8min read 373 views

Every September, India commemorates National Nutrition Week. During the week, the government undertakes several initiatives to spread awareness about good eating habits. Unfortunately, many have suffered from ill-health or an inability to keep up with their diets or exercise regimes over the last year. To help you eat better and stay fit, here’s a look at seven foods that will keep your mind and body healthy:

1. Almonds

Almonds can help improve your metabolic health. They contain high amounts of antioxidants, fibre, magnesium and vitamin E. Almonds carry most of their antioxidants in the skin, so it’s best to eat them without peeling. Antioxidants help reduce oxidative stress, which can damage molecules and contribute to ageing and inflammation. Vitamin E, an essential vitamin, is linked with low rates of Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and heart disease. Finally, the magnesium in almonds can help regulate blood pressure.

2. Apples

Apples have high amounts of antioxidants, fibre and vitamin C. They’re very filling, so they make for a great snack between meals. The antioxidants can help limit the damage from free radicals and the growth of cancer cells. Apples contain soluble fibre that aids digestion. It also helps reduce cholesterol levels and minimises your risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease. The high amount of vitamin C enables your body to fight off infections.

3. Carrots

Carrots contain high quantities of carotene, fibre, and vitamin K. Carotene antioxidants can significantly reduce cancer risks. Beta carotene provides our body with vitamin A. Carrots have pectin, so they help regulate blood sugar. Vitamin K in carrots promotes bone health and aids blood coagulation. Carrots contain very little fat, making them a great snack.

4. Dark Chocolate

Nobody expects to see chocolate on a list of healthy foods. But, dark chocolate has high quantities of magnesium and antioxidants! Let’s look at a 100-gram bar of 70-85% dark chocolate. It contains 11 grams of fibre, 89% of the required daily amount of copper, 98% of the required daily amount of manganese and 67% of the required daily amount of iron. Since these nutrients also come with 600 calories and a moderate amount of sugar, you must exercise restraint while enjoying your dark chocolate.

5. Eggs

Eggs are widely considered the perfect food. They contain a little of every nutrient that boosts your health. Boiled eggs contain folate, phosphorous, selenium, calcium, zinc, and various vitamins. Eggs help raise HDL, which is popularly called good cholesterol. One egg contains up to 100 mg of choline, a crucial nutrient that helps your brain function the way it should.

6. Kidney Beans

If you’re looking for a healthy dose of fibre, minerals and vitamins, you should include kidney beans in your diet. These beans are very rich in protein and resistant starch, which helps in overall weight management. Most importantly, kidney beans have high amounts of iron, copper, manganese, potassium, vitamin K1, and the mineral molybdenum!

7. Sweet Potatoes

Most of us love eating potatoes, but they have too much starch. If you want to make healthier choices, you can swap regular potatoes for sweet ones. Sweet potatoes contain high amounts of fibre, minerals and vitamins. They provide you with significant quantities of manganese, potassium and copper. These tubers also have antioxidants that can help you fight cancer-causing cells.

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