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Does Health Insurance Cover Injuries After a Car Accident?

28th June 2022 8min read 168 views

Health insurance plans allow you to look after your family and your finances. Your health insurance policy will take care of medical expenses, allowing you to focus on recovery instead of hospital bills. When the time comes to buy medical insurance plans, you need to consider what’s covered and what isn’t. Will your health policy take care of injuries incurred in a car accident? Let’s find out!

Do Health Insurance Plans Cover Injuries After a Car Accident?

For the answer, you need to check your insurance policy documents. Most family health insurance plans offer accident cover. If your policy includes it, you can file a claim for treatment received for injuries caused by a vehicular accident. The insurance company may limit the sum insured amount you can claim for an accident.

Limitations of Medical Insurance Plans

Here are some of the limitations you may face with your health insurance policy for family while claiming for accidental injuries:

  • Not all insurance companies offer coverage for accidental injuries as part of their base plan. You may have to purchase a personal accident add-on.
  • Health insurance plans that provide accident coverage will have upper limits on the amount you can claim for room rent and the doctor’s fee.
  • Some health policies only cover the actual hospitalisation charges, and the policyholder has to bear all other expenses.

Understanding Personal Accident Insurance Policies

You can opt for a personal accident insurance policy for complete peace of mind. These could be stand-alone plans or purchased as add-ons with your health or car insurance policies. Personal accident coverage offers the following benefits:

Hospital Costs
Your policy will help take care of ambulance and hospital costs. It may also offer coverage for the transport of immediate family members to the hospital.

Death Benefit
If the policyholder meets with a fatal accident, the policy will provide the nominee with the sum insured amount.

Disability Coverage
Some accidents can lead to loss of limbs or permanent disabilities. Adjusting to this new lifestyle can take a physical and financial toll on a family. The policy will cover the cost of purchasing prosthetics or other aid accessories. Depending on the severity of the disability, an amount may get paid to the policyholder to help them cope.

Finding the Right Policy for Your Needs
There are various types of health insurance plans available today that meet specific needs. Before buying individual or family health insurance, you must look for key features. Always pick cashless health insurance policies since they settle claims directly with the network hospital. You won’t have to worry about paying your medical bills first. When you get discharged, you only need to pay the deductible and what’s not covered by your policy.

While buying insurance, you always want a plan that offers the best possible benefits. You can get coverage for medical emergencies and accidents with an Edelweiss General Insurance family health insurance plan. Our policies provide benefits such as ambulance cover and high limits on per day room rent. If you don’t already have personal accident cover, you can opt for it when the time comes to renew your health insurance. Visit the Edelweiss General Insurance website today to enjoy better coverage and complete peace of mind.

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