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 Electric Car Insurance - Everything You Need to Know

As per a NITI Aayog report, India can reduce energy demand by 64% and carbon emissions by 37% by transitioning to electric vehicles . If you want to go electric, you must learn more about EV insurance.


4 Tips to Be a Good Biker

Individuals on two-wheelers are far more likely to get involved in fatal accidents than other motorists. Let’s look at simple tips to help you become a better biker!


How Many Car Insurance Claims Can I Make in a Year?

If your car gets damaged in an accident, your insurance plan will help pay for the repairs. To enjoy the benefits of your four-wheeler insurance plan, you must file car insurance claims. Know More.


 Electric Car Insurance - Everything You Need to Know

As per a NITI Aayog report, India can reduce energy demand by 64% and carbon emissions by 37% by transitioning to electric vehicles . If you want to go electric, you must learn more about EV insurance.


4 Tips to Be a Good Biker

Individuals on two-wheelers are far more likely to get involved in fatal accidents than other motorists. Let’s look at simple tips to help you become a better biker!


How Many Car Insurance Claims Can I Make in a Year?

If your car gets damaged in an accident, your insurance plan will help pay for the repairs. To enjoy the benefits of your four-wheeler insurance plan, you must file car insurance claims. Know More.

What Is Third-Party Liability? Why Do You Need It with Your Car Insurance?

When you buy a car insurance, there are typically three parties involved. The first party is the car owner and the policyholder. So, you are the first party. Next, you have the insurance company, which is the second party. Read On!

When Is the Best Time to Renew My Car Insurance? - Edelweiss General Insurance

Find out the right time to Renew your Car Insurance Online. Read about a few factors to look for before renewing Vehicle Insurance and how to take advantage of the Grace Period!

Do I Have to Buy a Five-Year Bike Insurance Policy? - Edelweiss General Insurance

Bike Insurance (Third Party Premium) has been made mandatory for 5 years by IRDAI for all Two Wheelers in India. Read More about this with Edelweiss General Insurance.

How to Get Your Bike Accessories Insured

Getting the add-on cover for your accessories can safeguard your wallet from high costs in the future. By opting for Edelweiss Bike insurance, you can safeguard your finances in the future.

Car Spare Parts Insurance

In India, you must have at least third-party vehicle insurance to drive your car. Unfortunately, a third-party car insurance policy will not help cover the cost of your spare parts.

Cashless Claim Settlements – What Does Cashless Claim Mean?

A cashless claim puts less financial strain on you as you don’t have to make any large payments immediately. Know more here about Edelweiss Cashless Claim settlements.

The Importance of Insured Two-Wheelers in India’s Metros

According to the Motor Vehicle Act, you need at least third-party bike insurance to ride on Indian roads. Our Bike insurance policy offers financial protection after an accident, theft or damage.

 Important Add-Ons to Get with Your Car Insurance | Edelweiss General Insurance

Add-Ons covers in the car insurance give you protection from unnecessary expenses that can arise from uncertainties. You can select to purchase add-ons with your motor insurance policy online or offline.

Why Should Two-Wheeler Owners Consider Multi-Year Insurance?

If you own a vehicle in India, you must have insurance. An insurance policy helps protect you and your finances after an accident. There are many different types of two-wheeler bike insurance plans available in the market.

3 Reasons Why You Need to Buy Two-Wheeler Insurance Online

The thought of purchasing a two-wheeler fills most Indians with excitement. Affordable bikes and scooters enable families to move around independently.

Understanding IDV in Two-Wheeler Insurance

In India, you need to have insurance to legally operate your vehicle. If you don’t have a valid car or bike insurance, you need to remedy that immediately. While looking for the ideal two-wheeler insurance plan for your needs, you will come across the term IDV.

How Do You Make Your Car Insurance Premiums More Affordable?

When the time comes to purchase or renew vehicle insurance, people often struggle to choose between affordable car insurance and a policy that offers higher coverage. The good news is, you don’t always have to make a difficult choice.

Learn the ABC of Car Insurance with Edelweiss

In India, having at least third-party liability motor insurance is mandatory. While most car owners know they need insurance, they might not understand all the terms and conditions attached to their policy.

Three Reasons Why Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance Is Crucial

Buying a two-wheeler in India is often a massive deal. It’s the first vehicle young workers can afford, and it offers independence and convenience. But, figuring out all the paperwork that comes with owning a bike isn’t always easy.

Important Things to Consider While Buying Car Insurance for the First Time

Nothing quite beats the joy you feel when you buy a car for the first time. But once you’ve selected the make, model and customisations, you also need to think about getting car insurance. In India, you need to have at least third-party cover to drive around legally.

3 Tips to Take Care of Your New Bike

The first big purchase that most Indians make is a two-wheeler. Once people start earning, they save up enough to get a scooter or bike to move around with ease. Since most people who own new bikes are in their early 20s, they may not know how to look after their two-wheeler.

What Is the Difference Between OD and Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Every motorist knows how crucial it is to have vehicle insurance. In India, you cannot operate your car or bike without a valid third-party liability insurance policy. Unfortunately, these insurance plans only help you cover the cost of damages to a third-party individual or their property.

The 3-Step Process to Buy a Two-Wheeler Bike Insurance Policy

Everybody prides themselves on their ability to purchase their first vehicle. In India, most families own a two-wheeler since they are affordable and make travelling on busy roads incredibly easy. But an accident could hurt you, your bike and your finances.

5 Reasons Why Car Insurance Should Be Purchased Online

If you have a four-wheeler in India, you need to have car insurance. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, you must have at least third-party coverage to drive in the country. Until recently, most people opted to purchase insurance the traditional way.

Routine Two-Wheeler Checks to Avoid Accidents

Almost every Indian household owns at least one two-wheeler. Apart from offering great value of money, bikes allow individuals to weave through traffic. Despite the many benefits that two-wheelers offer, people often forget to look after their bikes properly.

Checking Under the Hood – Maintaining Your Car's Engine

For most people, one’s car is their most valuable possession. Apart from easing everyday commutes, people enjoy exploring their surroundings in their own vehicle. But, not everybody knows how to look after their car properly.

Customising Your Bike? Things to Keep in Mind

Most Indian households own at least one two-wheeler. For many, it’s convenient and affordable. But, a majority of people actively seek out high-performance two-wheelers as they’re passionate about riding.

Can You Buy or Sell a Car Without Insurance?

India has an incredibly well developed second-hand car market. Several agents in the market are happy to help you sell or buy a used car. But, many individuals still decide to carry out the entire process themselves.

Important Things to Understand About Car Insurance

To legally operate a vehicle in India, you must have at least third-party liability insurance. So, everybody who owns a car in India has insurance. But, we do not always understand all the terms and conditions of our car insurance policies.

Locating Your Vehicle’s VIN, Chassis and Engine Number

Purchasing a vehicle fills most of us with pride. Whether it’s your first-ever vehicle or just an upgrade, we’re sure you want to do everything you can to take care of your car or bike. The best way to do that is by getting a motor insurance policy.

Dealing with a Car Fire

Your car is possibly one of your most prized possessions. You went through a lengthy process of test drives and comparing specifications before you found the perfect four-wheeler. After a lot of careful consideration, you also purchased a motor insurance policy to keep your car as safe as possible.

Why Was My Car Insurance Claim Rejected?

A majority of Indian households today own a car. It’s the ideal family vehicle and enables us to enjoy long road trips across the country. But, we never know what’s lurking around the next corner. An accident could lead to hefty repair bills.

How to Re-Register Your Vehicle in a New State

In India, moving across state lines is incredibly easy. People continuously move from one city to another in search of a better job. But, one thing that many don’t realise is that you need to re-register your vehicle if you’re moving to another state.

Electric Vs Hybrid Cars - What's the Difference?

Evolving climate patterns impact several people every year. To help battle global warming, people are taking corrective measures. By switching to fuel-efficient vehicles, each one of us can do our part in fighting the climate crisis.

Your Guide to Selling Your Bike

Your bike is probably your most prized possession. You might have spent years travelling on city and country roads, exploring the great outdoors. But, after all your years together, you may decide it’s time to upgrade.

Every Woman's Guide to Buying Car Insurance

Women today have shattered glass ceilings and joined global conference rooms. They’ve taken charge of their lives and are managing businesses, families and finances. We wanted to be a part of the movement. So, we decided to ensure that every woman knows how to purchase car insurance.

Understanding Excess and Deductibles on Your Car Insurance Policy

Everybody knows the importance of buying general motor insurance. But, understanding all the terms, phrases and jargon can be difficult. If you own a vehicle, you may have come across the terms ‘excess’ and ‘deductible’ in your policy.

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Helmet

Most households in India own at least one two-wheeler. They’re affordable and make manoeuvring in and out of peak-hour traffic an absolute breeze. We’re sure you’ve purchased a two-wheeler bike insurance to protect your vehicle, but what about your protection?

Winter Car Care Tips

The temperature is starting to drop across India. Everybody’s pulling out their woollies to keep themselves warm. But what about their cars?

Why Was My Two-Wheeler Claim Rejected?

Two-wheelers allow you to move from one place to the next with incredible ease. But you could get involved in an accident while you’re weaving in and out of traffic. If the damage is extensive, you may have to file a claim against your two-wheeler insurance policy.

Going Green - Understanding How Electric Vehicles Work

Global warming is a reality that we all face every single day. The problem may seem too large for a single person to manage, but if we all decide to make small changes, we can have a positive impact on the world.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Car

People decide to buy a car only after careful deliberation. They weigh the pros and cons of the decision and ask their trusted friends and family members for recommendations.

Make Every Mile Count on Your Two-Wheeler

According to the 2016 ICE 360˚ Survey, one in three Indian households, or roughly 33% of Indian families, owns a two-wheeler. Bikes or scooters are used to navigate through peak hour traffic and ferry people to and from work.

Your Guide to Car Insurance Claims

While the pleasures of owning and driving a car are many, there are also a few downsides to it. Chief among them is the risk of accidents and the ensuing costs of repairs.

What You Need to Know About Insurance on a Second-Hand Vehicle

Getting yourself a car is always quite thrilling. It doesn’t matter whether this is your first car, a new car or a second-hand car. The entire process of looking for something you like, finding something that fits your pocket and finally getting the keys is a truly wonderful feeling.

Get Your Two-Wheeler Ready for the Monsoons with These Handy Tips

Most Indians wait for the monsoon eagerly. It brings some much-needed respite from the scorching heat and is necessary for our crops. But, looking after a two-wheeler during the monsoon months can be quite a task.

Steering Through a Contactless Post-Lockdown World

As lockdown restrictions are being eased, people across India and the world are finding ways to head back to work and their lives as safely as possible. Of course, the world around us has changed considerably.

Your Guide to Edelweiss Switch

Edelweiss Switch is a great new product that follows an individual instead of a vehicle and provides motor insurance cover to that individual. If you’re wondering how you can enjoy all the benefits this easy-to-use product has to offer, we’re here with the answers.

Edelweiss Switch - How Is It Different from Regular Motor Insurance?

Edelweiss Switch is a driver-based motor insurance policy. This policy will follow an individual so as to cover the vehicle or vehicles they drive instead of covering one vehicle, as a regular motor insurance policy does. To enjoy the benefits of this policy, you need to have a valid driving license.

How to Look After Your Vehicle in a Lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a complete halt. Governments across the globe have mandated that individuals stay home and practice social distancing to flatten the curve and curb the spread of the virus.

Cool Tips to Keep Your Car Going All Summer Long

Summer is almost upon us, so now’s the best time to get your car ready for the hot months ahead. The heat can take a bit of a toll on your beloved vehicle, so it’s crucial that you do whatever you can to keep your engine running smoothly all through the summer.

Riding Off Into the Sunset? Here’s What You Need to Do First!

There's nothing quite like the feeling of riding your bike through different landscapes and exploring amazing new destinations. Gone are the days when a road trip meant packing your friends and family into a car.

Everything You Need to Know About Automatic vs. Manual Cars

According to the 2019 TomTom Traffic Index Report, some Indian cities are known for having the worst traffic in the world. Bengaluru was listed as the city with the worst traffic, while Mumbai was placed 4th, Pune was 5th and New Delhi was 8th.

Is Purchasing Insurance from My Car Dealer a Good Idea?

So, you’ve finally decided to buy a new car. Congratulations! After months of test drives, careful saving and yes, arguments with family members, you have managed to find the car of your dreams.

Do I Need Private or Commercial Car Insurance?

In India, if you own a vehicle we’re sure you know that you need insurance. According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, you are required to mandatorily have a third-party insurance to legally use your vehicle on the road.

Bought a New Car? Learn How to Shift Your NCB!

If you’ve ever purchased an insurance policy before, we’re sure you’ve come across the term NCB or No Claim Bonus. Essentially, an NCB is a perk that your insurance provider offers you if you haven’t made a single claim through the policy period/ coverage year.

Important Factors That May Impact Your Two-Wheeler Insurance Amount

In India, almost every household is the proud owner of a two-wheeler. Riding a two-wheeler makes weaving in and out of traffic an absolute breeze. Sadly, what a lot of people forget is that their two-wheelers need to be insured to be ridden legally.

A Guide to Getting Your Driving License

Learning how to drive is an incredibly important life skill. Apart from making your commute comfortable, it also gives you the freedom to plan exciting road trips with your family and friends. But, before you map out your route and hit the road, you need to make sure that you have a valid driving license!

Monsoon Car Care Tips

With the onset of the monsoon, the grass gets greener and the weather gets cooler. But, the roads also get wet and slippery, making them incredibly difficult to drive on. Whether you drive every single day or only take your car out on the weekends, you need to know how to keep your car running smoothly all through the monsoon. Now we all know that we have to check our tyres and brakes before the rains hit, but here’s a look at some lesser-known tips that will make driving through the rainy season a real breeze.

Why You Need A Comprehensive Insurance Policy

Buying a car is one of the most joyous accomplishments of our lives, but it comes with the responsibility of purchasing car insurance. When people begin to consider the different types of policies available in the market today, they get overwhelmed and settle for the one insurance that is mandatory for car-owners in India – third-party liability.

What Is Zero Depreciation Insurance and Is It Worth Your Money?

Any offer that screams "Flat", "Free" or "Zero" catches the eye instantly, doesn’t it? This is mainly because the discounts or offers attached, seem more relaxed and budget-friendly. Moreover, they help the seller in building a strong customer base – making it a win-win situation!

How Modifying Your Car Can Affect Your Insurance

Thinking of replacing your basic gas pedal with something more motorsport-ready? Or maybe swapping out your engine for a turbo? How about furnishing the interiors with custom leather? Tailoring your car so that it syncs with your unique personality, performs better than anyone could ever imagine, and looks like a billion bucks can be a tempting idea. However, aside from the expenses attached to making these changes, there’s another way modifying your car can cost you – by shooting your car insurance premiums sky-high.

6 Simple Car Hacks That’ll Make Your Life Easier

Most of us share a love-hate relationship with our cars. We love it because it helps us with our daily commute, carries our ‘excess baggage’ and even gives us the liberty to plan exciting road trips with our friends.


Is Health Insurance Really Necessary?

In India, as per 2021, only 514 million Indians had health insurance plans. The insurance penetration in the country stands at just over 35%. Is it really necessary? Know more.


A Guide to Increasing Health Insurance Coverage

A good health plan provides you access to quality care when you need it the most. Everybody wants high health insurance coverage, but few have the savings to pay higher premiums.


 How to Save Tax with Your Health Insurance Policy

Apart from helping you during medical emergencies, your health insurance policy can also help you save on taxes. Let’s look at how you can save tax when you buy a medical insurance policy in India.


Is Health Insurance Really Necessary?

In India, as per 2021, only 514 million Indians had health insurance plans. The insurance penetration in the country stands at just over 35%. Is it really necessary? Know more.


A Guide to Increasing Health Insurance Coverage

A good health plan provides you access to quality care when you need it the most. Everybody wants high health insurance coverage, but few have the savings to pay higher premiums.


 How to Save Tax with Your Health Insurance Policy

Apart from helping you during medical emergencies, your health insurance policy can also help you save on taxes. Let’s look at how you can save tax when you buy a medical insurance policy in India.

What Is Domiciliary Hospitalization? Benefits and Features!

Sometimes, a person is so unwell that they cannot be moved to the hospital or hospital beds might not be available. In such cases, doctors may recommend treatment at home, which is known as domiciliary hospitalization. Read on.

5 Reasons to Get Health Insurance Today!

A good health insurance plan offers financial protection in medical emergencies and provides tax breaks when you opt for preventive check-ups to stay in good health. Let’s look at five reasons why you should get a health insurance plan today.

What Are the Different Types of Health Insurance Coverage? - Edelweiss General Insurance

Health Insurance Coverage Includes 1. Individual Plans 2. Family Floater Plans 3. Critical Illnesses 4. Health Top Up 5. Group Health. Learn more in detail about each plan.

5 Basic Key Components To Look For While Buying Your Health Insurance!

The Five Basic Key Components for any health Insurance - 1. In Patient Hospital Coverage 2. Pre and post Hospitalization Expenses 3. Day Care Treatments 4. Room Rent 5. Sub Limits. Read on!

To think out of the box, turn the box around!

What we don't realize is that taking health insurance will save us a thousand times more money, than not taking it! Inversion is a powerful concept to improve your thinking because it helps you to get a clearer picture about a situation and take better decisions.

Is Critical Illness Part of Health Insurance?

A Normal health insurance policy helps you with medical bills after a hospitalization. But your critical illness plan can provide you additional financial support from different types of critical illness which may not be covered in the normal policy.

Make your investment plan a healthy one!

A Health Policy should be looked as a saving, which will pay back big-time during medical emergencies. You can also use Health Insurance for your financial planning, to get significant tax deductions.

Benefits of Arogya Sanjeevani Health Insurance Policy | Edelweiss General Insurance

Arogya Sanjeevani health insurance policy can provide standardized benefits approved by IRDAI. You can buy this policy for individuals as well as families. Here’s a look at how this policy can benefit you.

No One Likes going to hospital, But at Least It Should Be Smooth & Cashless | Edelweiss Insurance

A cashless health insurance plan is the best way overcome from any financial crisis during health emergencies. Know all about cashless health insurance claim procedure of individual health insurance policy here.

How Much Health Insurance is Enough? - Edelweiss Insurance

Having Rs 1 Crore coverage in health insurance can make sure everyone in your family is sufficiently insured. Check out some important points for consideration before buying a health insurance plan.

Understanding the Ideal Health Insurance Policy for Your Needs

Today, most people understand the importance of having good health insurance. They realise that a health plan can protect their finances in a medical emergency.

Get Healthy in the New Year with Health Insurance

At the start of every year, we all sit down and make long lists of resolutions. We commit to being better in various ways. Unfortunately, most resolutions last a week or, at most, a month.

Things to Consider While Renewing Your Health Insurance Policy

As we draw towards the end of the year, many people scramble to renew their health insurance plans. When your plan is up for renewal, you can take advantage and up your coverage or purchase new add-ons for enhanced cover in the long run.

5 Things to Think About Before You Choose a Health Insurance Plan

Given the rising cost of healthcare, it has become crucial for people to purchase health insurance plans. Finding the ideal healthcare insurance policy can seem daunting. There are so many options available in the market, each with unique benefits.

Stay Fit to Get Better Deals on Health Insurance Premiums

Very often, people do not buy health insurance as they believe they do not need it. Young and healthy individuals, especially, think that health insurance premiums are an unnecessary expense.

Learn About Health Insurance with Edelweiss

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic made people realise the value of health insurance plans. But, many are still wary of all the terms and conditions that come with these policies.

Celebrate World Food Day with a Healthy Diet

In 1945, the United Nations established the Food and Agriculture Organisation on 16th October. Every year, the day is commemorated as World Food Day to shine a light on healthy eating and sustainable food practices. In 2021, the theme for the celebration is Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow.

Heart Health – What You Need to Know

Over the last year, we have all become acutely aware of how infectious diseases affect our lives. But non-communicable diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases (CVD), continue to claim several lives every year.

Essentials You Must Have in Your Emergency First Aid Kit

An emergency can occur at any time. If you or a loved one gets injured and needs medical attention, you should be capable of administering basic first aid while waiting for medical support. But, you can only provide this aid if you have the right tools.

7 Super Healthy Foods to Keep Your Mind and Body Strong

Every September, India commemorates National Nutrition Week. During the week, the government undertakes several initiatives to spread awareness about good eating habits. Unfortunately, many have suffered from ill-health or an inability to keep up with their diets or exercise regimes over the last year.

Dealing with Addiction

Every year, people around the world commemorate International Overdose Awareness Day on 31st August. Sadly, people continue to stigmatise overdoses and subsequent deaths.

Our Guide to Travelling Safely

Since March 2020, most people around the world have been unable to travel. The coronavirus pandemic left planes and our travel plans grounded. After more than a year of lockdowns and restrictions, things seem to be settling down a little.

Getting Health Insurance for Your Parents? Read This First!

Purchasing health insurance for the first time can seem a little daunting. You often second guess whether you’ve got enough coverage or whether you opted for the right add-ons.

Self-Care Tips for the Monsoon

After a sweltering summer, temperatures have started to dip, signalling the arrival of the monsoon season in India. The rain is a welcome sight for many as it brings lush greenery and the opportunity to cosy up with a great book.

What Is Health Top-Up Insurance?

Have you ever come close to maxing out the sum insured on your health insurance policy? Sometimes the plan we have doesn’t offer adequate coverage, so we end up having to dip into our pockets to help pay off hospital bills.

Recognising and Dealing with PTSD

Over the last year, many organisations and people started talking about the importance of looking after our mental health. We all became familiar with the words anxiety, grief and depression. But, something that people do not talk about enough is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Who Needs Health Insurance?

According to an Economic Survey, insurance penetration in India is at a dismal 3.76%. For the non-life insurance sector, it is just 0.94%. These numbers reflect the attitude of most Indians towards insurance. It isn’t something that we talk about in social circles.

The Effect of Tobacco on Your Life

Right from the time we are children, we hear that smoking is bad for health as it causes cancer. While many steer clear from smoking, the addictive substances present in tobacco and nicotine make it difficult for people to kick the habit.

Why Was My Health Insurance Claim Rejected?

Everybody needs to have a good health insurance plan today. The world changes constantly, and we never know when an illness or accident could leave us in hospital for a few days. As we’ve learned over the last year, nothing is more important to us than our good health. Unfortunately, a rejected claim could leave you scrambling to take care of hospital and medical bills in an emergency.

Your Guide to Tax Savings with Health Insurance

Every year, hard-working individuals plan their finances carefully to maximise their tax savings. While there are several ways to cut down your gross taxable income, getting a policy from a top health insurance company in India is possibly the best option.

Celebrating Mother’s Day with Health Insurance

Mother’s Day is all about celebrating the strong, independent women in your life. Mothers don’t need to wait for their children or spouses to shower them with love and gifts.

Important Dos and Don’ts for the COVID-19 Vaccine

The coronavirus pandemic turned our lives upside down. But, with the commencement of India’s vaccine drive, it finally looks like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. All eligible citizens can visit their nearest vaccination centres to get their vaccine and protect themselves.

The Importance of Critical Illness Cover

In India, heart diseases claim the most number of lives each year, followed closely by cancer. These critical health issues are often chronic, and getting the necessary treatment can set you back quite a bit.

What Is a Grace Period?

Everybody knows that having insurance is vital. Most people have comprehensive car cover and a good health insurance plan for themselves and their family members. But, understanding the various words and phrases used by insurance companies isn’t always easy.

Understanding Diabetes on World Diabetes Day

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and International Diabetes Federation commemorated the first World Diabetes Day on 14 th November 1991. The idea was to make people aware of the health threat that diabetes posed.

What Is Group Health Insurance?

Whenever anybody mentions ‘group insurance’, we automatically assume they’re referring to an employer and employee. The truth is, the insurance policy can be purchased by any group of people. Housing societies, clubs and cultural associations and even credit card companies can apply for group insurance.

Observing World Mental Health Day

The world is facing a mental health crisis. A recent report in the Lancet Commission states that mental disorders are on the rise in every country and could cost the global economy USD 16 trillion between 2010 and 2030. Approximately 1 billion people are living with mental health disorders right now.

Boosting Your Immune System

Your immune system is incredibly important. It identifies infections or injuries and starts responding accordingly. The goal behind the response is to restore the normal function of the body. Often, people try to boost or strengthen their immune system.

Pledge to Keep Your Heart Healthy on World Heart Day

India has a chronic heart health issue. In 2016, it was estimated that 54.5 million Indians had some kind of cardiovascular disease (CVD). In 2018, one in every four deaths in India was attributed to a CVD. Of these CVD deaths, over 80% were caused by strokes and ischemic heart disease.

Is Arogya Sanjeevani Right for Me?

Deciding which health insurance policy to buy can be a daunting task for many. In fact, people often get so overwhelmed by the kind of options available, that they may end up not purchasing a policy at all.

Understanding AYUSH

There are over 7 billion people in the world, and each individual’s body is unique. Our bodies react to different medicines and treatments in a variety of ways. This is why the inclusion of AYUSH cover in health insurance policies is so important.

Demystifying PCOS

In India, one in five women suffer from a condition known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)[ https://www.thehindu.com/sci-tech/health/one-in-five-indian-women-suffers-from-pcos/article29513588.ece ]. The condition is not life-threatening, but it can cause several health complications in the future.

Picking the Right Coronavirus Insurance for Your Needs

Around the world, life is creeping back to normal. People have started going to the office and taking public transport. Of course, ‘normal’ now means that everybody has to wear a mask and maintain a safe distance from each other. Many believe that the threat is now over, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Tips on Staying Fit While Staying Home

Over the last few months, we’ve all gotten used to a new normal. A majority of office-goers have now adjusted to working from home, while those who are required to go to office every day ensure they wear masks and take whatever precautions necessary to avoid contracting the coronavirus.

Understanding the Terms on Your Health Insurance Policy

Buying a health insurance policy is necessary, but it isn’t always easy. Almost every policy you browse through will have a number of terms that require an insurance-English dictionary for you to understand.

The Relationship Between Your Mental and Physical Health

According to the World Health Organisation, health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Sadly, many people focus solely on their physical health, often forgetting about or completely ignoring their mental health.

Dealing with Waterborne Diseases During the Monsoons

As India continues to fight the coronavirus, a new health issue is just on the horizon. The monsoon season is almost upon us. And while the rains definitely offer some much-needed respite from soaring temperatures, it also brings with it a whole host of waterborne diseases.

Quit Tobacco on World No Tobacco Day

Every year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) celebrates World No Tobacco Day on the 31st of May. The idea of this annual day is to bring awareness to the ill effects that tobacco has on our health. Yes, we all know that smoking can lead to lung cancer and other chronic respiratory diseases.

What Can We Expect Normal to Look Like After the Coronavirus?

Many countries around the world are slowly easing restrictions as the spread of the coronavirus has started to slow down. But, do any of us really know what life will be like on the other side of this pandemic? Will we ever be able to travel, shake hands or enjoy a film in a theatre again?

How Is Global Warming Affecting Our Health?

Every year, the 22nd of April is celebrated as Earth Day. The day was first commemorated in 1970 and marks the start of the modern environmental movement. But, despite 50 years of mobilisations, the global warming crisis has continued to escalate and is changing weather patterns across the world.

Tips to Stay Healthy and Happy Through a Lockdown

The world is facing a terrible threat. The coronavirus pandemic has caused widespread fear and panic. In order to curb the spread of the virus, health experts and governments around the world have asked everybody to stay indoors. India has officially been put in lockdown for 21 days.

Fun Ways to Stay Hydrated

As summer approaches, you’re bound to see a lot of information on the importance of staying hydrated. And while it’s true that drinking water during summer can help you fight heatstroke, muscle cramps and even urinary tract infections.

Important Details You Need to Know About COVID-19 and Related Claims

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken the world to its very core. Over 800,000 people have been affected around the world with several losing their lives to the disease. Governments across the globe are doing their best to test possible carriers and isolate them.

First Aid That Can Help You Save a Life

We’re sure you once dreamt of growing up to be a superhero who could almost never get hurt and could help others. Well, the sad news is that getting hurt is something none of us can avoid. The good news is that by learning how to administer help and basic first aid, you can still help others when they’re hurt or in pain.

Everything You Need to Know About the Coronavirus

The world is currently dealing with a major health crisis. The coronavirus has caused widespread panic and has even led to the public scrambling to purchase face masks, sanitizer and in Australia, rolls and rolls of toilet paper. But, the mass hysteria has led to the spread of a lot of misinformation.

Things You Need to Know Before Trying Intermittent Fasting

If you’ve been trying to get fit recently, chances are you’ve heard of Intermittent Fasting (IF). This trendy fitness regime is different from most fad diets since it doesn’t really tell you what you should and shouldn’t eat.

Learning About the Big C on World Cancer Day

Almost every single person in India knows somebody who is suffering from cancer. This isn’t surprising given that data from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), released in 2016, showed that 14 lakh Indians were living with the disease.

Save a Life this National Blood Donor Month

Donating blood isn’t something that a lot of us think about. Sure, when we’re in college and we’re organising blood donation drives with our friends, we’ll line up for hours to help save a life.

Let’s Start 2020 on a Healthy Note

It’s almost time to welcome a new year. As 2020 draws nearer, we’re sure you’re busy writing up a list of resolutions that you intend to keep for all 366 days of the year. But, sticking with your plan can be incredibly tough.

Stay Healthy This Winter with Seasonal Fruits

As soon as the temperatures start to drop, we all begin to rejoice at the prospect of a cool and pleasant winter. Of course, the happiness is quite short-lived as the realities of winter start to kick-in with a lot of us suffering from issues like the flu, colds and coughs.

Your Guide to Getting Fit After the Festive Season

Every year, Dussehra and Diwali mark the beginning of the festive season in India. Families and communities come together to celebrate the triumph of good over evil with delicious snacks and scrumptious sweets.

When Should I Lodge a Health Insurance Claim?

Now that you've picked the ideal health insurance policy for your needs, you might find yourself thinking that you're quite invincible. But, life can be unpredictable and we can never really rule out a trip to the hospital.

How to Make the Most of Your Health Insurance Plan

Picking the right health insurance plan for your needs can be quite difficult. There are a plethora of options available in the market, which often leads to more confusion than anything else. If you’re a first-time health insurance buyer, you may have a number of questions on your mind. You may want to know how you can make the most of your policy or which add-ons you should opt for.

Getting Insured? You May Need a Few Tests First!

Nobody particularly enjoys visiting the hospital. Whether you’re there for a check-up or to visit an ill friend or relative, a trip to the hospital can be slightly intimidating. And, while there’s nothing that anybody can do to completely avoid a trip to the doctor, there is a way in which you can significantly lessen the effect it can have on your wallet. Wondering how? Well, the answer is by purchasing a good health insurance plan.

Keep Health Issues at Bay During the Monsoons

After the scorching summer heat, the monsoon rain is definitely a welcome change. But, once we’re done appreciating the cool breeze and low temperature, we often find ourselves having to fight viral infections and numerous diseases like malaria, cholera, dengue and chikungunya.

Get Double the Benefits with the Edelweiss Health 241 Add on

We’re sure you’ve found yourself at your wits’ end while choosing a health plan for yourself and your family. With all the options available, picking the right insurance provider may seem like a Herculean task. Sometimes, purchasing a new policy when you’re a little older might be a bit more difficult.

Choosing the Right Health Insurance – It’s Easier Than You Think

If you have been successfully ‘adulting’ for a while now, we’re sure you’ve pulled your hair out at least once while trying to find the right kind of health insurance for your needs. If you haven’t found yourself at your wits’ end, congratulations – you’re 1 in a million! If you have, we’re here to help. Basically, there are two main types of health insurance policies – individual and family floater. But, which one do YOU need? Let’s take a look at how they compare with each other.

When Should I Purchase Insurance?

No matter how many marathons you run a year, or how well you control your diet, health insurance is a necessity that you simply cannot do without. A medical emergency could be the result of an accident or a critical illness that you never even saw coming.

Individual vs Family Floater Health Insurance – Who Will Win?

It’s a question as old as time. When most people start thinking of buying health insurance for themselves and their families, they wonder which one is better – an individual plan or a family floater policy. Before we answer this and end the debate once and for all, let’s understand what sets these two types apart in the first place.

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of the most crucial aspects of a well-balanced financial portfolio. And while a faulty investment can be rectified, a bad health insurance plan could land you in a heap of debt and trouble. So, if you’re in the market for a good health plan, here are a few things you need to avoid doing before you finally make that purchase:

A Super Guide To Letting Go Of Stress

The world we live in today is full of stress triggers – hectic jobs with open-ended time tables, piles of bills stacked to the ceiling, ever-growing debts, political and personal turbulence, and so many more. The average individual is fretting over all of these at once. No wonder our stress-o-metres are on the higher end all the time. What makes it worse is that this persistent stress can have a negative impact on our pursuit of happiness.

5 Life-Threatening Diseases That Needs Your Attention Now

With every passing year, the list of deadly diseases keeps growing, leaving its victims both physically and financially impaired. While many of these diseases have been controlled through research and treatments, some of them continue to stir havoc.


Situations in Which You Can Rely on Your Travel Insurance Policy

Whenever you travel, you’re opening yourself up to new experiences and adventures. Sadly, not every adventure is a great one. There are a number of things that may go wrong while you’re on holiday, or even before you leave for your trip.


Situations in Which You Can Rely on Your Travel Insurance Policy

Whenever you travel, you’re opening yourself up to new experiences and adventures. Sadly, not every adventure is a great one. There are a number of things that may go wrong while you’re on holiday, or even before you leave for your trip.

Important Documents to Have on Hand for Easy Claims Settlements

Heading out on holiday should be a joyful and wonderful experience. But, there are a number of things that may go wrong when you’re out of the city or country. Your luggage may head off on its own adventure or you might fall ill in a country where you don’t speak the local language.

This Republic Day, Uncover a Little More of India

On 26th January 1950, India’s Constitution came into effect. It beautifully outlined the guidelines that would govern Indians for generations to come. Every year on this day, scores of people stand in attention while the tricolour is hoisted and sing the national anthem.

The Best Destinations to Enjoy a White Christmas

We're sure you've dreamed of enjoying a white Christmas at least once in your life. So, to help you make your dream come true, here's our list of the most amazing destinations where you can wake up to blankets of snow on Christmas morning:

How to Avoid the Holiday from Hell

Most of us plan our entire lives around the vacations we intend to take every year. A well-planned holiday gives us the opportunity we need to relax and recharge for a while before we head back to work feeling refreshed.

How to Prevent Motion Sickness in a Car

There’s nothing worse than heading out on a road trip, only to find that you’re suffering from a bout of car or motion sickness. And while feeling queasy is already bad enough, what makes motion sickness worse is the fact that you can’t enjoy the beautiful views or the epic road trip playlist that you’ve created with so much patience and care.

How To Plan The Perfect Road Trip Abroad

If you’re like us, you’ll know that travelling abroad is all about learning more about different people’s cultures and traditions. There’s no better way to do this than by planning an epic road trip along the length and breadth of the country you’ve chosen to visit. But, before you head off down that gorgeous Pacific coast, or through the French countryside, here are a few important road planning tips and tricks that you will need to keep in mind:

A Travel Insurance Will Help If You Are One Of These!

Bring up the topic of travel insurance while someone’s excitedly sharing their holiday plans with you, and chances are you’ll kill their whole vibe. Because let’s face it, no one likes to think about all the things that could go wrong on their first overseas trip.


How to Make a Claim Against Your Home Insurance Policy

Disaster can strike at any time. A flood or theft could wreck your home and leave you feeling vulnerable. Having a home insurance policy could help you deal with the financial fallout of these events.


How to Make a Claim Against Your Home Insurance Policy

Disaster can strike at any time. A flood or theft could wreck your home and leave you feeling vulnerable. Having a home insurance policy could help you deal with the financial fallout of these events.

DigiLocker: Document Storage Online Made Simple! - Edelweiss General Insurance

DigiLocker is a secure platform for storage & sharing the important documents & certificates online. In simple terms, it is an online document storage facility which stores all your documents safely and securely.

Tips to Help You Maintain Your Home

Most of us ensure that our vehicles are well maintained. With clockwork precision, we send our cars or bikes to the garage for a quarterly service appointment. When it comes home, all shiny and working like a charm, we’re filled with a sense of pride.

Easy Ways to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

We’re sure you’re already well aware of the issue of air pollution. Some mornings, you may look out your window to see a thick layer of smog covering the city. Data shows that 7 million premature deaths take place every year due to air pollution.

Three Instances When Loan Care Has Your Back

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that life can be incredibly unpredictable. Dealing with the curveballs that come our way can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Let’s take a look at three separate instances, each of which seem dire until an insurance plan throws each person a lifeline.

The Importance of Securing Life in the City

Most people aspire to lead a glamourous life in the city. They hope to get into a good college or find a job at a large agency or MNC. The urban dream may seem like the ultimate goal, but it also comes with a few drawbacks that people don’t really talk about. Life in a big city can be dangerous.

Commemorating World Suicide Prevention Day 2020

India’s National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) recently released the 2019 report on Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India. The report shows that 139,123 people died by suicide through the year. If you work out the maths, a person died by suicide roughly every four minutes in 2019.

Dealing with Flood-Like Conditions in the Monsoon

The monsoon season has started in India, which means that many people are already facing trouble due to waterlogging and flooding. As the season continues, it’s possible that a cloud burst or continuous heavy rain could cause the area around your home to flood.

Learning About the Importance of Biodiversity on World Environment Day

On 5th June 1974, the United Nations (UN) celebrated the first World Environment Day. Every year since, they’ve used the day as an opportunity to engage with governments, businesses, celebrities and citizens to make us all more aware of the importance of looking after our environment.

Your Guide to Understanding the Edelweiss Home Insurance Claims Process

Many people hesitate when it comes to purchasing insurance for their homes. Generally speaking, there are two reasons for this. Firstly, there’s a misconception that purchasing home insurance can be incredibly expensive.

Important Tips to Help Keep Burglars Out of Your Home

All of us have come across the famous quote, “Home is where the heart is” at some point in our lives. After all, our home is a personal space which provides us with warmth and comfort. That being said, our personal space is also very vulnerable.

Your Guide to Preventing Household Fires

An accidental fire comes with frightening unpredictability and has the power to decimate a house in mere minutes. It spreads uncontrollably in seconds and puts lives at major risk.A closed environment, such as a home, is full of objects and materials that can combust in a matter of seconds.

Think You Don’t Need Home Insurance? Think Again!

So, you’ve finally done it. After toiling for long hours every day, you’ve managed to buy your very own home. It’s been a long and difficult road, but you’ve ultimately achieved your biggest financial goal.

Should I Buy a Home or Rent One?

For a lot of millennials, buying a house is probably at the top of their bucket list. But, an emerging trend has shown that most millennials prefer renting instead of investing in real estate. The reasons for this are varied.

Your Typical Home Insurance Claims Process

If you’re looking to file a home insurance claim, it pays to know what goes on ‘behind the scenes’. Driven by regulation, an insurance company typically follows a predetermined protocol when it comes to managing such claims. And, well, it helps to know how it works.

Tips to Help You Pick the Right Home Cover

For most people, their home is their biggest asset. It’s a place that gives them a keen sense of peace and security. But how many of us actually insure our homes?

Times When Your Loan Will Stand By You

There comes a time in most people’s lives when they need the support of a loan to help fulfil their dreams. A car loan offers you the opportunity to buy your first car, while a home loan could help you purchase the house of your dreams. A personal loan could help you take that vacation you’ve been planning for years, or even help with the renovations of your ancestral home. Let’s take a look at a few times when a loan will come to your aid:

A Quick Checklist Before You Apply for a Loan

Given the technological advances in the financial sector, loan approval and disbursal can happen in virtually no time. Today, whenever there is a need for extra funds, one can look at multiple loan options that are both secure and reliable.